LV-8235 UST

LV Projectors

Ultra Short Throw Projector
Item Code: 5805B002


Various Installation Options

You will find more options than ever before for choosing the surface you project onto. The LV-8235 UST employs a system in which the generated image is directed through the projection lens onto a built-in reflection mirror, looping back through a projection window. The LV-8235 UST gives you exceptional options in placing the projector, based on the needs of your venue.

You also have the ability to project on a variety of surfaces, whether screen, wall, table or floor.

Combined with the ultrashort-throw capability, it's possible to install the LV-8235 UST on a wall or ceiling using approved brackets and attachments and to project not only onto a wall, but also onto a table or the floor. This capability could prove extremely useful for trade show, showroom or classroom display applications.