LV-8235 UST

LV Projectors

Ultra Short Throw Projector
Item Code: 5805B002


Convenient, Easy to Use Features and Design

Making the LV-8235 UST more convenient and easier to use were the goals of the Canon designers. You'll find controls and features made to let you concentrate on making better presentations.

Direct Power On
Especially useful if your LV-8235 UST is ceiling or wall mounted, Direct Power On will automatically turn on the projector when the power cord is plugged into an outlet. There is no need to press the power button on the projector, which might be difficult in certain installation situations.

Computer Synchronization
This will automatically turn on your LV-8235 UST when a computer is connected and an input signal is detected. In addition, Computer Synchronization will also automatically detect the computer's screen resolution and align the settings on the projector to match. There is no need to search for the settings either on the source computer or the projector, saving time and ensuring a proper match.

Built-in 10W Speaker
Even if you don't have an external sound system to use, the 10W high output speaker of the LV-8235 UST delivers clear well produced sound for venues of varying sizes.

Tab-Style Menu
The clear to read, white text on black background of the LV-8235 UST's on-screen menu is easy to navigate. For added convenience, choose from 21 languages for the menu display.

Control Panel
Easy to use and clear controls for volume and menu mean that the focus of a presenter will be on the presentation, not on running the projector. The LV-8235 UST makes it simple to switch between input sources at the touch of a button. Buttons which are familiar in look and feel to those of printers and copy machines fall easily to hand. For added convenience, the wireless IR remote control can be used.