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LV Projectors

LCD Projector
Item Code: 4328B002


Color Management

The LV-8310 has many built in features that allow you to optimize the color of the images being projected.

Fine Tune Color Adjustments
The LV-8310 allows users to manually fine-tune colors and black tones for precise, customized, on-screen image adjustment. Instead of having just one master control, the projectors offer individual adjustment for color levels and color balance (not available for the RGB input), as well as brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

Screen Color Correction
Useful when a projection screen is not available, the projectors Screen Color Correction feature allows you to project directly onto a wall, correcting the distortion of colors caused by the color of the projection surface. The projectors let you choose from 8 different projection surface colors.

Whiteboard Mode
In addition to the 8 screen colors, a Whiteboard Mode is also available for projecting images onto whiteboards. The Whiteboard Mode dramatically reduces the reflective "bright spots" on a whiteboard, helping to maintain genuine color recreation. The often used green blackboard is expecially usedfull in the classroom setting.