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LV Projectors

LCD Projector
Item Code: 4328B002


Projector Control and Management

The LV-8310 gives you the flexibility to both manage and control all of the projectors on your network.

Network Connectivity
A built-in RJ-45 network connection allows you to control projectors from a central location, making it easy to install and manage a large scale system. The network connection also enables the projector to send out an email alert when an error has occurred, or when the lamp has reached the end of its life. Projectors can also be managed locally using the built-in RS-232 terminal. In addition, all projectors support AMX device discovery.

Management Software
Canon’s new monitoring software allows audio/visual personnel to monitor entire groups of projectors connected by a common network, and is helpful in providing timely service support- as well as maintenance management. Users can choose which items to display from projector name, power status, product name, lamp hours used, air filter hours used and IP address.