LV Projectors

Item Code: 8126A002


Display Adjustments

The LV-S2 delivers tremendous versatility, not just in the inputs it supports, but also in the adjustments that can be made for a perfect picture. These include picture quality adjustment features as well as physical setup features.

Color, Brightness and Contrast Control
The tone reproduction can be tailored by switching the image mode between standard and high contrast with PC inputs and between standard and cinema with video inputs.

Auto Grayscale and Auto Fleshtone
The LV-S2 will automatically adjust the quality of the picture, using its Auto Grayscale function and its Auto Fleshtone function, for the best possible display. These functions deliver enhanced contrast and truer skin tones.

Keystone Adjustment
If the projector is not aligned properly with the screen (perpendicular to it), keystoning can occur. This will create a displayed image with trapezoidal shape (narrower at the bottom than top, for example). The LV-S2 features keystone adjustment to correct for the times when the projector cannot be set up perpendicular to the screen, for angles up to +/-20 degrees from the perpendicular.