LV Projectors

Item Code: 8125A002



The control panel of the LV-X2 offers several connections to handle input, output, and projector control.

VGA Input
Included for the LV-X2 is a control panel connection that allows input from a laptop or desktop computer.

S-Video, Composite, Component
The projector's control panel offers connections for S-video, Composite and Component video signals.

RS-232 Control
An RS-232 (Item Code: 4640A001) control connection is optional for the LV-X2.

USB Mouse Control Port
The USB port on the control panel will let you connect the mouse connector on your computer to the mouse connector on the projector. This connector is an option for the LV-X2.

Audio Input and Output
The LV-X2 has both audio input and audio output: audio input for the PC, audio input for AV, and audio output for an external speaker.