LV Projectors

Item Code: 0914B002


Optical Performance You Can See

At the heart of the LV-X5's optical performance is its high quality 1.2x zoom lens. It's the only lens you'll need because the wide focal length range gives you the flexibility to project a screen from 21" to 300" in (diagonal) size. It also lets you use the projector in cramped quarters and still get a 100" (diagonal) screen with a short 9.8' throw. That means you're covered for a wide range of room sizes and projection distances.

In addition to this performance, the LV-X5 boasts a 90% image uniformity for an even image from corner-to-corner.

The LV-X5's optical performance is also enhanced through 5 pre-set projection modes, plus a custom mode you adjust yourself.
  • Standard mode emphasizes the reproduction of white, for standard viewing
  • Presentation mode gives you higher contrast and brightness for brilliant presentations
  • Cinema mode ensures the accurate projection of dark scenes, perfect for watching movies in darkened rooms
  • Video mode is designed for projecting images of people for general TV broadcasts and video
  • sRGB reproduces color adapted to the sRGB color space, making it suitable for sRGB images
  • Custom mode lets you adjust gamma, white balance, brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, and hue
Plus, you get precise color control with the LV-X5's Color Management System. Manually adjust color, hue (except with RGB input), brightness, contrast and sharpness for brilliant results.