LV Projectors

Item Code: 0914B002


Easy To Use Flexibility

Even with 1500 ANSI lumens of brilliance, the LV-X5 still weighs in at only 7.0lbs and measures only 11.6" x 10.2" x 3.7". So, no matter where you need its power, you can take the LV-X5 there with ease.

And, no matter what the location, a variety of features make the LV-X5 easy to use. With Automatic Keystone Adjustment, you simply place your projector on a flat surface. Built-in sensors detect the tilt of the projector and automatically correct for keystone distortion -- up to +/- 30 degrees (vertical). (In addition, you can still adjust keystone correction manually.) Or, use Lens Shifting -- a feature found on much more expensive projectors -- to raise the screen without tilting the projector. Depending on your requirements, you can also use the LV-X5 for rear-projection; you can even mount it on the ceiling with an optional Ceiling Mount Adapter.

In the classroom, the Greenboard mode lets you project onto a chalkboard -- the projector adjusts the projected image to maximize legibility and image quality. You can also project on walls and other non-white surfaces -- the LV-X5 lets you compensate for the color of the wall.

All the while, you can be sure your audience isn't distracted by fan noise because the LV-X5 runs at a quiet 33dB in normal mode, and 28dB in quiet mode.

Plus, you won't be distracted because you can operate your LV-X5 effortlessly with the help of the Wireless IR Remote Control and user-friendly control panel. The newly designed wireless remote gives you control over a range of functions, including: Auto PC Adjustment for optimizing the image quality of an RGB source, and Source Select for choosing between 4 different input sources. The user-friendly control panel on the projector lets you control volume, make menu selections and easily switch between 4 different input sources with the touch of a button.

Plus, your LV-X5 is easy to operate because it requires a mere 9 seconds to start up. And it takes just 30 seconds to shut down, so you don't have to wait long to take it with you or put it away.

Your LV-X5 also makes your life easier with:
  • Customizable logo display
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty
  • 120-day lamp life warranty
  • Password protection and control panel key lock