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Network Cameras

Mini-Dome Camera
Item Code: 3934B003


Software and Security

The VB-C500D has a variety of software and security features.


Web Viewer and VB Admin Tools
The VB-C500D comes with a built-in Web Viewer for live monitoring and basic camera control, such as controlling the camera's PTZ movements. Because this software can be set to no user authentication and can be distributed to the public, it's ideal for webcasting over the net. The VB Admin Tools is a set of tools the camera administrator can use to make adjustments to camera settings such as motion detection and a log viewer. The VB Initial Settings Tool sets up the network environment for your camera and connects it to the network.

"VK-Lite" Recording Software
The VB-C500D comes bundled with network video recording software, VK-Lite, a software application that lets you monitor, record, and play back images from up to four cameras from a single screen. The camera comes with everything you need to start monitoring and recoding straight out of the box--there's no need to buy additional software.


Browser Access Restriction
The VB-C500D provides three levels of user access to ensure security. In addition to the Administrator, who has control of the entire system, users can be divided into registered (Authorized) users and general (Anonymous) users. Each type of user has access to different monitoring functions and camera control as specified by the administrator. The most basic level of access (general users) doesn't require registration, making the VB-C500D suited for webcasting applications, too.

IPsec Support
IPsec (IP security) is a set of protocols for securing IP communications by encrypting data streams. IPsec secures the data flow to and from the camera, and ensures that only authorized users have access.