Network Cameras

Fixed Network Camera
Item Code: 0220B002


A Wide Range of Connection Options

VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal ModuleThe optional VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module increases the functionality and versatility of your VB-C50Fi camera by providing connections for Video In/Out (BNC) and External Sensor In/Out.

With the Video In connection, you can input an external analog video signal -- for example, from a legacy system camera -- which can then be routed through the VB-C50Fi to your network or the Internet. You can then view the signal from the VB-C50Fi or the external video source. With Video Out, you can connect a monitor and display the camera's video signal. This set up can be used in security situations where you want a subject to know they are being videotaped -- e.g. at a secure entranceway or in a store.

Plus, External Sensor In/Out provides connections for Alarm Out and Sensor In.

With all this flexibility, you can get connected and get the VB-C50Fi working for you right away.