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Network Cameras

Fixed PoE Network Camera
Item Code: 0777B002


All-in-one Camera and Server Solution, Two-Way Audio Capable

The VB-C50FSi is the fast, simple, affordable network video solution you've been looking for. With a Web server and FTP server built right in, the VB-C50FSi can transmit video images directly to your PC. You simply connect your camera to your computer through the Web or your LAN and, in minutes, you're viewing still or full motion video. There's also the built-in network server that provides viewing for up to 50 clients simultaneously. With such performance, the VB-C50FSi is a versatile and affordable solution for your security video needs.

The VB-C50FSi offers audio capability when the optional VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module is added. With the module a microphone can be connected to the camera, allowing remote monitoring of audio at the camera site. Admin Viewer or Viewer for PC and a speaker-equipped PC allows you to hear audio with the captured video images. Audio playback also lets the remote user or a pre-recorded audio file be heard at the monitored location through a powered speaker. Playback can also be linked to motion or sensor triggered events.