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Easy Connection And Installation

VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal ModuleThe optional VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module increases the functionality and versatility of your VB-C50i camera by providing connections for Audio In/Out, Video In/Out (BNC), and External Sensor In/Out.

With the Audio In/Out capability, you can connect a microphone to your camera. With a speaker-equipped PC and either Admin Viewer or Viewer for PC, you can then hear audio from the camera site. This feature is useful for customer service monitoring, event webcasting, video conferencing and other applications. Or, you can connect a speaker to the camera. With a microphone connected to your PC, you can then talk to someone at the camera site.

VB-EX50 Multi-Terminal Module
With the Video In connection, you can input an external analog video signal -- for example, from a legacy system camera -- which can then be routed through the VB-C50i to your network or the Internet. You can then view the signal from the VB-C50i or the external video source. With Video Out, you can connect a monitor and display the camera's video signal. This set up can be used in security situations where you want a subject to know they are being videotaped -- e.g. at a secure entranceway or in a store.

Plus, External Sensor In/Out provides connections for Alarm Out and Sensor In.

With all this flexibility, you can get connected and get the VB-C50i working for you right away.