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Network Cameras
Item Code: 2812B015


Camera Control and Functionality

The VB-C60 has a variety of control features.

Pan/Tilt Control
The VB-C60 features pan/tilt control that move the camera right to left, up and down, making it easy to adjust the angle of view. The VB-C60 has an extremely wide pan and tilt range and provides coverage for a full 360° horizontal field of view (pan range ±170°). The camera's viewing angle can be easily adjusted via PC, and images are exceptionally clear during PTZ movement without the occurrence of motion blur. The camera can pan or tilt at a rate of 150°/second.

Combined with the wide angle lens and 40x optical zoom with auto focus, the cameras pan/tilt control makes the VB-C60 ideal for a wide variety of video surveillance applications, such as indoors including retails and offices, as well as outdoor parking lots and manufacturing plants.

Motion Detection with Subject Auto-Tracking
The VB-C60 has built-in motion detection capability allowing you to set up to four motion detection areas with varying levels of sensitivity. When subject motion (a change in pixels) is detected, the camera can be set to pan and tilt to follow the subject's movement. Pre-recorded audio can also be set to playback.

Image Upload and Email Notification
When subject motion is detected or if an external sensor is triggered, the camera is equipped to automatically send the images to a desired location via FTP/HTTP/SMTP (email). You can, for example, have the camera automatically send the images to a mobile phone or email address.

Panorama Image Creation and Preset Tour
The VB-C60 offers a panorama view in which the entire viewing range can be seen as one image. The desired view can be selected by moving a "scope" box over any area in the panorama window. This makes it easy for the user to quickly move the camera to a particular spot, within the cameras range. Pre-registered presets or views can be individually selected. A "preset tour" can then be setup to cycle though the pre-sets at specified at intervals.