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Network Cameras

PTZ Network Camera
Item Code: 4085B001


On-board Video Analytics

The VB-M40 is packed with features which enhance its functionality and usability. Among the most useful are its sophisticated On-board Video Analytics, enabling the camera to detect Moving, Abandoned, or Removed Objects in its range of vision, and also detect attempts at Camera Tampering and changes in Sound Levels. For added control, the VB-M40 also offers a Privacy Mask function which allows the blocking of certain areas of the camera's field of view, to protect from inadvertent intrusions of privacy or password theft (even during P/T/Z operations the specified areas will be masked).

Thanks to the VB-M40's impressive algorithm highly precise detection is achieved by using polygonal and rectangle shapes to specify up to 15 areas of detection (as opposed to only using rectangle shapes like some competitor models). Additional flexibility is provided in that notification of a detection can be made through the network from the camera using a number of functions including automatic recording, e-mail transmission, uploading video to a specified target server and events in ONVIF by the RM server. It is also possible to combine a number of detection functions for simultaneous notification.

Specifying areas of detection using polygonal shapes increases accuracy. Specifying areas of detection using rectangular shapes limits accuracy.

Moving Object Detection

Suspicious person who is trying to break in to the building is detected.

Removed Object Detection

Theft of valuables is detected.

Abandoned Object Detction

Suspicous parked car is detected.

Camera Tampering Detection

Changing the camera's angle and obstructing the surveillance visual with spray-paints or cloth is detected.

Sound Level Detection

Vandalism is detected.

Privacy Mask Function

Certain areas of the camera's view can be blocked, enabling fine security countermeasures against invasion of privacy and password theft by the camera.

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