Network Cameras

Item Code: 8818B001


IEEE802.1x Client Authentication

IEEE802.1x Support
The IEEE802.1x Client Authentication Support of the VB-S30D helps to enhance the security of the user's network with port based access control. It is possible for the camera to be installed in the most sensitive high security areas, as the Client Authentication Support ensures that only client authorized devices are connected to the network.

SSL Support
With the HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) support of the VB-S30D, both self-signed and Certificate Authority issued certificates can be recognized in order to ensure that communication between the camera and the client is secure, preserving the integrity of your data.

Auto IP Feature
The VB-S30D will assign itself a private IP address on startup. Designed for small implementations or demonstrations, this will allow for quick setup and viewing immediately on installation without the need to configure each camera's IP address individually.