Network Cameras

Item Code: 8820B001


On-board Video Analytics

On-board Video Analytics
The capability of the VB-S800D is greatly enhanced by the range of Video Analytics available to the user. They include:

  • Moving Object Detection
  • Removed Object Detection
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Sound Level Detection
  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Passing Detection

In each of these analytics, the user can customize the behavior of the VB-S800D by precisely tuning the camera's event detection triggers. These include the detection area, sensitivity and duration. When an event occurs, advanced event notification tools can alert the selected personnel, maximizing response time. Now users will also have a Quick Setting in the Removed Object Detection analytic, which when triggered, rapidly identifies objects in the camera's field of view and places a visual 'box' around the object automatically. This can significantly reduce the time required to configure and identify the location of removed objects.

The Privacy Mask Function works by blocking pre-defined areas of the camera view. Such areas might include details such as door entries, ATM keypads, computer monitors or office or apartment windows which should not be seen or recorded in an area which nevertheless requires surveillance. Full range of camera motion is preserved while still protecting the security of targeted areas or items.

Preset Setting Tool
Another feature of the VB-S800D is the Preset Setting Tool. This allows the end-user to customize the camera by setting up to 20 presets within the frame, thus allowing critical areas to be effectively monitored.

Digital & Viewer PTZ

With the VB-S800D's ability to allow the user to digitally pan, tilt and zoom in the incoming video stream, details in the camera's field of view can be investigated without the need to physically reposition the camera.