RM-25 V1.0

Monitoring & Recording Software
Item Code: 4972B002


The Canon RM-25 network video Recording Software supports the full range of Canon's network video cameras, allowing access and control of PTZ cameras through a full range of motion, modes and two-way audio capabilities. Enhanced and expanded security monitoring capabilities are at your fingertips with the RM-25 Recording Software's ability to manage multiple cameras in various locations simultaneously from a single monitoring center or security station. With the RM Viewer, a single screen will display the output of all the cameras under control. The RM-25 Recorder allows the user to record and access stored video taken from up to 25 security cameras on your network. Since you store, manage and access the video by computer, archiving and playback is dramatically simplified over tape-based recordings. Among the developments found in this latest version of Canon's recording software are improved interface for PTZ control, multiple monitor support, dynamic layouts, easy camera search and multiple viewer client support. You can build a robust, comprehensive system for security monitoring, recording and reviewing with the combination of the RM Recording Software and the full range of Canon network video cameras.