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VK-16 v2.2

Monitoring & Recording Software

Network Video Recording Software
Item Code: 4075B002


Video Retrieval and Playback

The VK-16 version 2.0 software makes finding a shot or an event fast and easy with a variety of ways to search for and display archived video. There are a variety of ways to search for and display video.

Timeline usability makes it simple to quickly and accurately review stored footage at a glance. Users can easily scroll through the timeline to find and select events for viewing. Simultaneous viewing of both live and recorded video allows the user to review recorded video while maintaining surveillance. It is also possible to play back multiple videos on multiple cameras at the same time. This is a useful function for checking differences at varying time periods, and for confirming multiple recorded videos simultaneously.

Event Search
Specific events like motions detection can be searched for and played back. Other search variables include camera location, priority, description, date, and time of the event.

Jump to Time
Recorded video can be quickly played back by specifying the time and date the video was captured.

Live Events Log
The Live Events Log can quickly be accessed to look through a list of recorded events, catalogued in the Live Events window.

Extract Video
Saves recorded video quickly to a file. Specify the time slot of the recorded video, and save up to 1 hour of recorded video in mov format. Date and time stamps can also be put in the video.

Snapshots of the images displayed in the video window can be taken. Date and time stamps can also be put in the images.

With all of these options, the VK-16 version 2.0 software is a powerful way to find the video you need when time is short.