VK-64 v2.0

Monitoring & Recording Software

Network Video Recording Software
Item Code: 3099B001


Multiple Recording Modes

A variety of recording modes match any requirement to ensure cameras are recording when they are needed. These modes include:

  • Continuous
  • Scheduled
  • Sensor-Triggered Event (Motion-Detection, Pre/Post Alarm)

Cameras can be set to record continuously or special schedules can be set up for holidays and out of the ordinary events that have different requirements. Cameras can even be set to record by sensor event or motion detection for scheduled periods.

With the VK-64 version 2.0 recording software, you can record based on a customized trigger from third party software on an external device. The remote trigger transmits a command to the storage server specifying nine parameters for:

  • Camera
  • Recording Time (seconds)
  • Frame Rate
  • Image Size
  • PTZ Camera Angle
  • Backlight Compensation
  • Night Mode
  • Event Priority
  • Event Name

No matter what the calendar throws at you, the new VK-64 version 2.0 software can handle it.