Details - VK-64 / VK-16 Ver. 2.2.2 Upgrade
ID: 0200120802_EN_3
This information pertains to updating the software for Network Video Recorder VK-64 / VK-16 Ver. 1.1.x - Ver. 2.2.1. The latest version is "Ver. 2.2.2". When updating the software to this new version, the old settings are carried over. Please check the system requirements, notes, and installation instructions before using the file. [changing] Software update Version 2.2.2 incorporates the following fixes and improvements in connection with certain Canon Network Cameras: 1. Fixes the following phenomena that occur with the VK Viewer. ・The VK Viewer screen becomes black, does not display images from multiple cameras, and the following message appears: "Could not connect to camera" ・A runtime error in the VK-64/VK-16 Network Video Recording Software occurs and the program stops working. -Condition of occurrence: this phenomenon occurs if the auto-switch function of the VK Viewer is used while the cameras are being repeatedly connected to and disconnected from the VK Viewer’s network on a frequent basis. -Affected versions: VK-64/VK-16 V2.1 through V2.2.1 2. Fixes a phenomenon, in which in rare cases, recording stops due to an application error. -Condition of occurrence: this phenomenon occurs in rare cases when the user logs in from the VK Viewer to a recording server. -Affected versions: VK-64/VK-16 V2.0 through V2.2.1

How to Download and Install
 - Follow the procedure below to download the file. 
 - The file is a self-extracting file. 

1. Click the file below to open the download window, and then click [Save].
2. Specify where to save the file (e,g,. on the desktop) and click [Save]. A file with the same name (.exe file) is downloaded to the specified location.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to automatically extract the file and create a folder.
4. Double-click the executable file in the folder. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
Driver/Software Details
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Post Date
Ver. 2.2.2 (See above Changing)
 - Fixed problem involving camera images not displaying and run time errors occurring in VK Viewer.
 - Fixed problem involving record operations stopping on rare occasions.

Ver. 2.2.1
 - Fixed problem with audio recording.
 - Fixed run time error that occurred when using VK Viewer.
 - Fixed problem that prevented camera registration when using VK Viewer in viewer only mode.

Ver. 2.2
 - Supports VB-C500VD.
 - In all, 6 languages are supported, namely Japanese, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
 -The system stability has been improved.

Ver. 2.1
 - Supports VB-C500D.
 - Supported operating systems have been updated.
 - Out-of-sync recording problem has been fixed.
 - The system stability has been improved.

Ver. 2.0.3
 - Fixed the malfunction that VK could not play some specific part of recorded video data.
 - Fixed the malfunction that VK viewer could not connect to a recording server because of the gradual increase of memory consumption of recording server. 
 - Fixed the malfunction occurred with VK Viewer when multiple-recording servers are registered to VK.

Ver. 2.0
 - Supports VB-C60/VB-C60B
 - Supports MPEG-4 recording and audio recording

Ver. 1.4.1
 - Preset Tour setting error has been fixed

Ver. 1.4
 - Supports Windows Vista

Ver. 1.3
 - Supports VB-C300/VB-C300B
 - Supports live audio
 - Supports NAS (Network Attached Storage)
   * Use Windows Storage Server 2003 R2-based NAS devices, recommended by Canon, only. Canon does not guarantee NAS performance with other OS.
Ver. 1.2.1
 - A problem has been fixed, which is caused when the switch of a camera connected to VB150 is OFF.

Ver. 1.2.0
 - The Viewer only mode was added.
 - The number of storage servers and viewers for PCs, which can be registered, has been changed.
 - Measures for storage servers under heavy load conditions
 - Measures for viewers under heavy load conditions

Ver. 1.1.3
 - The performance at high image quality and high frame rate has been improved.
 - The network trouble recovery process has been reviewed.
 - The priority for multiple sensors has been reviewed.
 - A problem relating to record of events has been fixed.

Ver. 1.1.2
 - A problem caused while motion detection is set has been fixed. 
 - A problem caused when starting the storage server has been fixed.
 - A problem caused while schedule is set has been fixed.

Ver. 1.1.1
 - A problem relating to the camera control privilege caused when using VB-C10 or VB150 camera server, has been fixed.
 - A problem caused when displaying recorded video has been fixed.
Windows XP Professional (SP2, SP3)
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP2)
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition (SP2)
Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (SP1)
Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (SP1)
 - VK-64/VK-16 Ver. 1.1.x - Ver. 2.2.1 must be currently installed on the network video recorder to update to Ver. 2.2.2.
 - If updating from Ver.1.0 to Ver.2.2.2, you need to update from Ver.1.0 to Ver.1.1 first, and then to Ver.2.2.1.  Separate media required for Ver.1.1 (License Key). Please contact a sales representative for further information.
 - Please note that the recording function does not work during the patch installation process.
 - It is recommended that the settings file be backed up before updating the software.
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