Details - Network Video Recording Software RM-64/RM-25/RM-9 v2.0.1 Upgrade Software
ID: 0200276502_EN_2
This is information on upgrading network video recording software RM-64/RM-25/RM-9. The latest version is "Ver. 2.0.1". When updading the software to this new version, the old settings are carried over.

How to Download and Install
 - Follow the procedure below to download the file.  The file is a self-extracting file. 
1. Click the file below to open the download window, and then click [Save].
2. Specify where to save the file (e,g,. on the desktop) and click [Save]. A file with the same name (.exe file) is downloaded to the specified location.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to automatically extract the file and create a folder.
4. Double-click the executable file in the folder. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
Driver/Software Details
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Post Date
1. Focus setting bug related to the advanced recording settings for recording schedules corrected.
2. External device output operations bug corrected.
3. Recording priority settings bug corrected.
4. The system stability has been improved.

1. Support for Network Camera VB-H41/VB-H610VE/VB-H610D/VB-H710F.
2. Fixed phenomena where, if an event-driven recording is made in H.264 format, the incorrect time information may be recorded, or a part of a recorded image may not be played back.
3. Bug causing extended start up times when restarting Storage Servers corrected.
4. The system stability has been improved.
Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (SP2) 32bit/64bit
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (SP1) 64 bit
Windows Vista Home Premium (SP2) 32bit/64bit
Windows Vista Business (SP2) 32bit/64bit 
Windows Vista Enterprise (SP2)  32bit/64bit 
Windows Vista Ultimate (SP2) 32bit/64bit
Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1) 32bit/64bit
Windows 7 Professional (SP1) 32bit/64bit
Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1) 32bit/64bit
Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1) 32bit/64bit
 - Perform the upgrade patch installation without uninstalling the prior version.
 - It is recommended that the settings file be backed up before updating the software.
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