Details - Network Video Recorder VK-64/VK-16 v2.2.3 Upgrade Software
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This information pertains to updating the software for Network Video Recorder VK-64/VK-16. The latest version is "v2.2.3 ". When updating the software to this new version, the old settings are carried over.

- Fixed bug where even if settings were configured in Recording Settings, such as for Presets, the settings had no effect.

*Version to be updated: VK-64/VK-16 v2.2.2
v2.2.2 => v2.2.3
- Fixed bug where even if settings were configured in Recording Settings, such as for Presets, the settings had no effect.

v2.2.1 => v2.2.2
- Fixed problem involving camera images not displaying and run time errors occurring in VK Viewer.
- Fixed problem involving record operations stopping on rare occasions.

v2.2 => v2.2.1
- Fixed problem with audio recording.
- Fixed run time error that occurred when using VK Viewer.
- Fixed problem that prevented camera registration when using VK Viewer in viewer only mode.

v2.1 => v2.2
- Supports VB-C500VD.
- In all, 6 languages are supported, namely Japanese, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
- The system stability has been improved.

v2.0.3 => v2.1
- Supports VB-C500D.
- Supported operating systems have been updated.
- Out-of-sync recording problem has been fixed.
- The system stability has been improved. 

v1.1 - v1.4.1 => v2.0.3
- Fixed the malfunction that VK could not play some specific part of recorded video data.
- Fixed the malfunction that VK viewer could not connect to a recording server
- Fixed the malfunction occurred with VK Viewer when multiple-recording servers are registered to VK.
Windows XP Professional (SP2,SP3) 32bit
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP2) 32bit
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition (SP2) 32bit
Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, Ultimate (SP1) 32bit/64bit
Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition 32bit/64bit
 - Perform the upgrade patch installation without uninstalling the prior version.
 - It is recommended that the settings file be backed up before updating the software.
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