Details - EOS Utility 3.0.0 for Mac OS X
ID: 0200373102_EN_1
EOS Utility 3.0 is an application for making camera settings, transferring images and remote shooting. Its link to Digital Photo Professional 4.0 has been strengthened. The Live View window has been integrated into one. It is now possible to release the shutter, capture screens, start the Live View window, etc. from Digital Photo Professional. In remote shooting, through linking with a new function in Digital Photo Professional 4.0 (elimination selection), an enhancement in selecting images taken in a photo studio has been achieved.

How to Download and Install
Please refer to the instructions below on how to download and install the software. 
Exit all other applications when installing this software.

1. Download "" from the download page. Save the "" file to a folder of your preference on your computer. 

2. Double-click the "" file. After the file is decompressed, the "eu3.0.0x-installer.dmg" file is created.

3. Double-click the "eu3.0.0x-installer.dmg" file. After the file is decompressed, the disc image "EU3.0.0" is mounted.

4. Double-click the " eu3.0.0x_updater" file in the "EU3.0.0". 

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
* This software will be installed together with EOS Utility 2, EOS Lens Registration Tool, and EOS Web Service Registration Tool.

6. After the installation is complete, the EOS Utility installer may ask to restart the computer. In this case, restart the computer. If the installation is completed properly, the downloaded file and the "EU3.0.0" file will not be necessary.
Driver/Software Details
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80.85 MB
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Newly released
To use this software, your computer has to meet the following system requirements.

1. Supported OSes
Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9

2. Supported Computers
Macintosh with one of the above OS installed and a USB port as a standard feature
- Intel Processor
- 1 GB or greater

3. Display
- Screen Resolution: 1,024x768 pixels or more
- Colors; Approx. 32,000 colors or more

4. Supported Models
- EOS Utility 3.0 and EOS Utility 2.14 can be simultaneously installed to one computer.
(When installing EOS Utility 3.0, EOS Utility 2.x will also be updated to the newest version.)
- When any model other than EOS-1D X, EOS-1D C, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 6D is connected, EOS Utility 2.14 will be started.
- To download a GPS log file using EOS Utility, use a Map Utility of version 1.5.2 or higher in combination.
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