Details - iPF8300S Firmware Ver.1.10 (Firmware Update Tool Ver.3.60) for Mac OS X v10.6-v10.8
ID: 0400033302_EN_8
You can use this program to update the printer firmware version.

How to Download and Install
(1) Switch the printer on.
(2) When you have downloaded the file, decompress it on your computer hard disk.
(3) Execute the iPF8300S_FirmwareUpdate.pkg file. 
    The imagePROGRAF Firmware Update Tool is installed.
(4) Execute the installed imagePROGRAF Firmware Update Tool.
Driver/Software Details
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Post Date
Modifications from Ver.1.09 to Ver.1.10
1. Minor bug has been fixed.

Modifications from Ver.1.07 to Ver.1.09
1. Optimized error detection sequence of printer.
2. Error codes have been fixed.
3. Fixed the failure that white line appears on the image under certain printing conditions at the binary printing.

Modifications from Ver.1.06 to Ver.1.07
1. Optimized the control of the print head.
2. The problem that the community name setting in SNMP setting was not processed correctly has been fixed.
3. Shutdown timer function has been added.
-Shutdown timer
After the printer goes into Sleep Mode, power will be turned off automatically when the situation that the printer is not operated continues until the time being set in advance by operation panel.
Setup time:OFF/ 5 min./ 10 min./ 30 min./ 1 hour/ 4 hours/ 8 hours*/ 12 hours *Initial value when updating version.

Modifications from Ver.1.04 to Ver.1.06
1. The control of waste ink has been optimized.
2. The infrequent failure that a job sent during transition to sleep mode might be cancelled has been fixed.
3. The fairly infrequent failure of printer not retrieving from sleep mode has been fixed.

Modifications from Ver.1.01 to Ver.1.04
1.Modifications due to parts change
The following hardware and software are recommended for this software.

     Mac OS X v10.6 to v10.8, English edition

     The softwares above require the Intel processor of the Macintosh Series 

  Interface Connectivity:
     The printer and computer where this program is executed must be connected 
     with either of the following methods.

     - Connected via a Bonjour and capable of printing via the network. 
     - Connected via a USB cable and capable of printing as a local printer.
Note the following limitations when using this software.
- Before you start the firmware version update program, close any other applications that are running.
- Do not try to use the printer while the firmware version update program is running. 
  If a print job is executing, cancel the print job or wait for the job to finish before you execute the version update program.
- Never switch off the target printer while the firmware version update program is running.
- If the firmware version update fails while writing to the flash ROM, you may not be able to start the printer. In this case, contact a Canon service center or the dealer where you purchased the printer.
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