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Whether you are in a grocery store, elementary school or office you can be certain that you will come across a multitude of large-format posters throughout your daily routine. Posters are a very effective method for conveying messages, ideas or any type of information . So, if you are wondering how valuable having a large-format printer in conjunction with PosterArtist in-house can be for your business, read through the following case studies to see how the Canon combination can be effective in your unique application.
It is essential for management within a production site to establish effective communication with workers. By displaying information in a poster-sized format, management can be certain that the message being conveyed is visible to everyone.
Hospitals are faced with an array of activities that could use the help of large-format printouts. Whether it is their annual blood drive, a collage of images from craft day in the pediatric wing, an updated health notice concerning the flu shot, or the announcement of a newborn, there are a multitude of applications that a hospital could be taking advantage of having a large-format printer in-house.
For everything from hotel guides to tourist information and pointers on local fine dining, large-format prints can ensure that the various services offered at a venue are fully utilized by customers. With PosterArtist, in just 4 easy steps you can create and print your own large-format displays to use as tools to promote tourism, provide information or advertise an event.
In a setting where time and money are extremely valuable, a large-format printer is a valuable asset for any company. Consider the cost of outsourcing last minute presentation pieces or event advertisements. Now imagine the simplicity of printing them with PosterArtist in-house.
Whether you are printing geography maps, teaching materials, event advertisements or a poster for the school field day, PosterArtist has just what you need. In just 4 easy steps you can create and print your own large-format displays to use as decorations or teaching aids.
In order to make the transportation routes well known to travelers, providing maps throughout the station that are poster-sized will increase awareness of the routes available for their journey. Also if there are any last minute changes to routes due to construction or holiday congestion, large-format posters can ensure that travelers will take notice to the changes.
Retail shops are consistently faced with demands to adjust the store atmosphere by making alterations to standing or hanging displays. In order to help simplify this process, utilizing a program such as PosterArtist will help to eliminate many of the headaches faced from outsourcing the printing process.
Public Venue
Whether you need posters to advertise upcoming events or informational signage for current exhibits, a large-format printer is ideal for conveying information in an environment that is constantly changing. Museums and concert halls need to provide their patrons with up-to-date schedules, event listings, and more.
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