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For everything from hotel layouts to tourist information and pointers on local fine dining, large-format prints can ensure that the various services offered at the hotel are fully utilized by customers. With PosterArtist, in just 4 easy steps you can create and print your own large-format displays to use as tools to promote tourism, provide information or advertise an event.
Poster ideas within the hotel
  • Restaurant guides
  • Evacuation routes
  • Local tourism guides
  • Wedding reception displays
  • Event posters
  • Specialty product and souvenir posters
  • Greeting notices
  • Interior decoration
How using PosterArtist can assist you…

Communicate tourism, promotions, and event information

  • Use large-format prints to provide useful season-specific information which is not included in hotel guidebooks.
  • Use in display areas to advertise local specialties, publicize seasonal products or to promote recommended products.
  • A collection of photos and images displayed at the entrance of an event can add a welcoming touch for attendees. With the help of PosterArtist, the poster can be created in just a few minutes!

Create prints at anytime of the day, quickly & easily

  • Produce large-format prints by importing information from Microsoft Office using the Page Capture function in PosterArtist. With just a few clicks you can quickly create posters, greeting boards and venue guides.
  • Print what you need when you need it. A large-format printer gives you the capacity to cope quickly with seasonal poster content that change at short intervals as well as for events that arise suddenly. And because you can print just the number of prints you need, printing is faster and less expensive than outsourcing.

PosterArtist - So simple anyone can be a designer

  • PosterArtist software provides you with a simple workflow solution for creating direct and effective poster designs.
  • You’re sure to find a template that fulfills your needs with a wide range of design templates provided within PosterArtist, which you can quickly customize to create your own original design simply by changing elements such as the font or color.
  • If you still can’t find a layout that catches your eye, give the Auto Design function a try. Auto Design automatically generates a customized layout that adjusts depending on the input text and images selected. An assortment of designs patterns is then created, so you can find one that suits your application the best!
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