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It is essential for management within a production site to establish effective communication with workers. By displaying information in a poster format, management can be certain that the message being conveyed is visible to everyone. In order to achieve this, there must be a fast and accurate means of communicating that information. Highly visible, large-format printouts assist in getting your message seen, especially in large open spaces such as factories. With PosterArtist, in just 4 easy steps you can create and print your own large-format displays to use as posters at work sites.
Poster ideas within the classroom
  • Study guides
  • Posters for field days, concerts, and fairs
  • Posters of geographical regions
  • Research presentations
  • Enlargements of artistic work
  • Enlarged prints of teaching and reference material
  • Calendars
  • Student of the month poster
How using PosterArtist can assist you…

Creating a bright and colorful classroom to make learning fun!

  • Print poster-size educational materials such as teaching aids, making them a focal point for in-class discussion.
  • Decorate the classroom with poster-size number charts and alphabet charts for memorization.
  • Print large galleries of photos from school outings to research excursions, laying them out on one of the many PosterArtist templates.
  • Design a variety of draft poster designs in seconds using PosterArtist’s Dynamic Layout Function and within minutes your classroom can be filled with colorful posters.

Create prints at anytime of the day, quickly & easily

  • You can quickly and easily produce large-format prints from charts and resources created in familiar, widely used applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Incorporate all the information into one poster using PosterArtist’s Page Capture feature.
  • With the help of PosterArtist software, in just a few clicks, you can produce large-format prints of classroom materials such as rosters, decorations, collages, and much more!
  • The ability to produce large-format prints at any time allows you to respond quickly when the need arises. And because you can print just the number of prints you need, printing is faster and less expensive than outsourcing.

PosterArtist - So simple anyone can be a designer

  • PosterArtist software provides you with an easy workflow solution for creating direct yet effective poster designs.
  • You’re sure to find a template that fulfills your needs with a wide range of design templates provided within PosterArtist, which you can quickly customize to create your own original design simply by changing elements such as the font or color.
  • If you still can’t find a layout that catches your eye, give the Auto Design function a try. Auto Design automatically generates a customized layout that adjusts depending on the input text and images selected. An assortment of designs patterns is then created, so you can find one that suits your application the best!
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