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Auto Design Feature

Auto Design feature combines the Dynamic Layout Engine (an automated layout tool that determines the positioning of elements such as images and text) with built in professional design expertise. This is a combination of the client's design ideas and preferences incorporated into a database of color palettes and templates developed by professional designers.

The combination of these two elements creates a selection of posters with an optimum color scheme and layouts. Users with limited design expertise and/or production skills can easily create quality posters by harnessing the professional human expertise incorporated into PosterArtist.

With Auto Design, the user inputs the following data to create a template:

1. Design Image
2. Title
3. Subtitle
4. Body
5. Images

Within the Auto Design Category interface you are allowed to select up to 8 images and choose up to 8 color patterns after the first series of templates have been generated. Within the area where images are selected, there is a capability to choose the same image multiple times in order to have it laid on the final piece more than once. After all selections have been filled within the Auto Design categories, designs are created automatically then their thumbnails are displayed in the next window.

The number of designs that are created varies depending on the number of selected photos, paper orientation or design image. When the templates have been generated you can use the "Temporary Tray" when you are not sure which design to use. Place your favorite designs in "Temporary Tray" and use them as replacements when needed.

Please see the following screen shots to understand the steps in the Auto Design feature:
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