My Image Garden / Organize and Recognize

With My Image Garden software, photos stored on computers can be easily organized into three categories: Calendar, Event and People.

With Calendar View, images can be sorted by the dates they were captured.

Calendar View

Launch My Image Garden right from your desktop and it will find photos on your computer for you, read the encoded date stamp, and then automatically place them into a calendar view. This allows you to easily find your favorite photos by the dates they were captured.

With Event View, images can be easily grouped into separate folders.

Event View

You can also categorize and organize your photos based on events such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, etc. With Event View, images captured at a special event can be easily grouped and accessed to print and share with your friends and family.

The Face Recognition technology makes it simple to organize your images by person.

People View

The Face Recognition technology inside My Image Garden makes it simple to organize your images on your computer by person. For People View, once a person’s likeness has been registered with the software, Image Assorting Technology and Face Recognition technology is utilized to automatically upload a specific person’s image to their respective folder for your easy access.