Print Bordered & Borderless Photos

How to Print Bordered & Borderless Photos with Easy-PhotoPrint EX With Your Canon PIXMA Printer.

Start Here

Click Start, select All Programs, Canon Utilities, Easy-PhotoPrint EX, and then click Easy-PhotoPrint EX. Easy-PhotoPrint EX starts and Menu appears.

Selecting A Photo

  1. Click Photo Print from Menu. The Select Images screen appears.

  2. Select the folder containing the image you want to print from the folder tree area.
    Thumbnails of the images in the folder appear.

  3. Click the image you want
    to print.
    The number of copies appears as "1" below the clicked image, while the selected image itself will appear in the selected image area.

Selecting The Paper

  1. Click the Select Paper button. The Select Paper screen appears.

  2. Set the following items according to the printer and paper to be used:Printer, Paper Size, Media Type, Paper Source


  1. Click the Layout/Print button. The Layout/Print screen appears.

  2. Select the desired layout.

    Click a borderless layout to print borderless photos.

    Click a bordered layout to print bordered photos. For EVEN borders, make sure you double-click on the image and then hit okay. This will give you even borders.

  3. Click Print.