How Can I Enhance My Images with Auto Photo Fix II and Easy-PhotoPrint EX?

Get Professional Results Without the Effort

ven your best pictures can usually benefit from some tweaking. When you're shooting on the fly, things can change at a moment's notice. The sun can break through the clouds or your subject can move suddenly, changing the lighting and color balance of your picture just enough to turn a great shot into merely a good one.

Professional photographers will tweak photos until they're fully satisfied with the results. But that generally means using sophisticated, expensive software. Canon believes that even everyday photographers deserve to produce outstanding picture printouts without turning on a computer — and that if you are creating photo-intensive projects on your computer, you shouldn't have to use additional software to edit those projects for printing. That's why Canon offers Auto Photo Fix ll and Easy-PhotoPrint EX with select PIXMA printers.

Categorizing Scenes with Auto Photo Fix II

Canon's PIXMA printers are designed to make photo printing easier, from editing to printing. Auto Photo Fix II is a feature that automatically analyzes and categorizes scenes in your photos, and then optimizes them by comparing them to similar scene types such as Portrait, Snapshot, and Night Snapshot.

By recognizing whether a photo is scenery or a portrait, daytime or nighttime, Auto Photo Fix II makes an accurate correction to the whole photo. This feature can be especially helpful for instances in which a photographer took a scenery photo with the camera set on Standard mode instead of Scenery mode. Rather than simply optimizing the photo as a standard photo, Auto Photo Fix II optimizes it as a scenic photo by adding contrast.

Canon built this scene categorization technology based on the characteristics of tens of thousands of images. After categorizing photos into scene groups, Canon used characteristics of these groups to "teach" its scene categorization program how to recognize certain types of photos. Throughout the process, Canon solicited the help of employees from various departments to provide input on the quality of printed images. As a result, PIXMA printers use Auto Photo Fix II to produce truly natural-looking photos.

The Auto Photo Fix II feature can work on your photos directly from a connected digital camera or compatible memory card, enabling you to perfect your printouts without connecting to a computer. If you're printing through your Canon camera or printer card slot, Auto Photo Fix II is turned on by default.

With Color Changes, Less Is More

As an imaging/optics/business solutions company, Canon takes seriously the challenge of getting printed photo colors right. When the situation requires it, Auto Photo Fix II can optimize specific colors rather than make drastic changes to the contrast and brightness of the whole photo. Even the most subtle changes can have a stunning effect. For example, in a portrait photo, Auto Photo Fix II might make slight adjustments to enhance skin tone, while avoiding making the subject's eyes and nose stand out too much. But if the original image is already well-balanced, Auto Photo Fix II will not make any changes before printing.

Canon's Specific Color Emphasis technology is especially helpful in situations where two different types of textures make it difficult to enhance colors accurately. With Specific Color Emphasis, you can choose to correct a color on your subject's face without affecting the scenery behind him/her—or vice versa.

Easy-PhotoPrint EX Makes Creative Projects Easier

If you're creating your own digital scrapbooks, photo albums, calendars, and other crafts, Easy-PhotoPrint EX can make the job much easier. In addition to letting you print multiple sizes of photos onto various types of Canon paper, this photo printing software allows you to make corrections to images by using powerful features that crop, increase saturation, and correct red eye.

When you enter layout print mode in Easy-PhotoPrint EX, you have an option to correct and enhance your images. The Correct/Enhance Images feature will enhance your photos using transformations such as:

  • Auto Photo Fix II: Automatically analyze the captured scene and apply suitable corrections.
  • Red-Eye Correction: Correct red-eye caused by a camera flash.
  • Face Brightener: Brighten dark faces caused by bright background.
  • Face Sharpener: Sharpen out-of-focus faces in a photo.
  • Digital Face Smoothing: Correct facial lines and skin tone.
  • Blemish Remover: Remove common facial blemishes.
  • Image Adjustment: Make fine adjustments to the overall brightness and contrast of images.

Rather than spending hours correcting images, you can focus on selecting the right images and paper to make your creative projects soar.

The Auto Photo Fix II and Easy-PhotoPrint EX features are two ways in which Canon PIXMA printers can enhance your photos before they even hit the paper.