Easy-WebPrint EX

Web pages are formatted for monitor display, not printing. Until now. Canon Easy-WebPrint EX software can eliminate the disconnect between what you see on the Internet and what you want to print for your personal use.

Stop wasting time and paper by printing unnecessary banners, advertisements, and illegible text. Use the Easy-WebPrint EX toolbar in Internet Explorer 7 – 9 or Safari 4.0 – 5.0* to specify only the information you want to capture and then modify it to print in a format that's best for you. Create your own layout, insert notes and print in portrait or landscape orientation… you can even save the document as a PDF file!

It's easy, simple, and FREE! Easy-WebPrint EX lets you clip sections of Web pages and then resize, trim, and fit them into your own layout. No more worries of image cut-off or printing sidebars. Combine contents from different sites for comparison shopping, increase print size for easier reading, or just grab the map that you need.

Canon's Easy-WebPrint EX also offers these advanced features: A Fit To One Page feature reduces or enlarges the content to fit onto a single page.

Improve legibility with one click by printing Gray Text in web pages as Black.

Lay out the content of multiple pages for printing in a booklet format. Create covers, insert text, merge clips from multiple Web pages into a single document, even import images stored on your computer to create a personalized Web document.

Easy-WebPrint EX

Format and print pages off the internet.

  • Easy-Web Print EX requires Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for Windows, Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista SP2 (or later) or Windows 7, or Safari 4.0 – 5.0 for Mac OS X v10.5 – 10.6.x. Not included in installation CD. Requires internet connection during installation