Canon PRO-10 series/PRO-100 series Art Paper Printing Guide - How to Set an ICC Profile -

Installing an ICC Profile

To use an ICC profile, install it to your computer.
To install, follow these steps.


1Right-click the ICC profile you want to use.

2From the menu, select Install Profile.

figure: Right click menu

When installed, the icon changes from gray to white.
Color may not change depending on the system environment.

Mac OS

1Copy the ICC profile you want to use to the following folder.

From the Go menu of Finder, select Computer. Browse to your hard disk, Library, ColorSync, then copy the ICC profile to the Profiles folder.


Copy to the above folder to allow all users of the computer to use the installed ICC profile.

When using versions earlier than Mac OS X v10.7, ICC profiles can also be used by copying them to the following location: a user's private Library > ColorSync > Profiles. In that case, only that user can use those ICC profiles.

When copying ICC profiles, you may be required to enter a user name and password.
In that case, enter the name and password of the user with administrator privileges. For more about administrator privileges, refer to the Mac OS User's Guide.