Canon PRO-10 series/PRO-100 series Art Paper Printing Guide - How to Set an ICC Profile -

How to Set an ICC Profile

- Setting with Adobe Photoshop CS5 -

Follow these steps to set an ICC profile when printing via Adobe Photoshop CS5.


1Select the image for which you want to set a profile from Photoshop and click File, then select Print....

The print settings dialog box appears.

2From Color Handling, select Photoshop Manages Colors.

figure: Print settings dialog box

3From Printer Profile, select the installed ICC profile.

4Select a method for Rendering Intent.


Select Perceptual to print with an impression close to that on the monitor by correctly reflecting the characteristics of the data displayed on the monitor.

For details, refer to the Digital Photo Printing Guide of the On-screen Manual.

5Uncheck figure: CheckBox Black Point Compensation.

Next, set up the printer driver.

6Make sure that your printer is selected, then click Print Settings....

The (Your printer name) Properties dialog box appears.

7Click the Main tab, then set Media Type, Paper Source and Print Quality.

From Paper Name & Corresponding ICC Profile, select the Media Type and Paper Source that matches the paper you want to use for printing.

figure: (Your printer name) Properties dialog box

8Click Manual for Color/Intensity.

9Click Set... to the right of Manual.

The Manual Color Adjustment dialog box appears.

10Click the Matching tab, then select None for Color Correction.

figure: Manual Color Adjustment dialog box

11Click the Color Adjustment tab, then adjust color balance, Brightness, Intensity, and Contrast as needed.

12Click OK and close the Manual Color Adjustment dialog box.

13Click the Page Setup tab in (Your printer name) Properties dialog box, select Page Size.


When Other Glossy Paper (Wide Margins), Other Fine Art Paper 1, or Other Fine Art Paper 2 is selected for Media Type in the Main tab, select XX (Art Paper Margin 30) for Page Size.

XX stands for the paper size.

14Click OK and close the (Your printer name) Properties dialog box.

15Click Print in the print settings dialog box and start printing.


For details on printing procedures and other settings, refer to the user's guide of your printer.