Superior Color Imaging

The Superior Color Imaging technologies built into the MF8080Cw, MF8380Cdw and MF9220Cdn capture fine details with remarkable tone-on-tone clarity, helping images stay true to the original. In order to achieve this, they scan the images to define common RGB colors then converts those common RGB colors to CMYK (which match the color cartridges) so that it helps to achieve an excellent color reproduction.

Pure Black Technology

Pure Black Technology helps to ensure the richest blacks by utilizing only the black toner when printing or copying in comparison to traditional methods of combining toner colors. This helps save you money by reducing the amount of color toner you use when printing documents with both color and black text or graphics

Auto Gradation Adjustment

The Auto Gradation Adjustment is a technique which automatically adjusts the gradation, color and density in accordance with the ambient temperature and humidity for more consistent output quality. This benefits you significantly by ensuring that the quality of the output remains consistent page after page.

Background Removal

Revitalize old documents with the new background removal tool. Automatically erasing the aged or antiqued background during copying and scanning, it leaves you with the content you want without the look of a discolored document.

User Friendly & Compact

Designed for the ease of use in your home or small office environment, all provide access to the control panel, supplies and paper sources right from the front of the unit. The in-line cartridges pull out from the front in order to be easily replaced. Now, there is no need to reach around to locate your prints or change the consumable.

Large LCD with Graphic Display

The Large LCD with Graphic display provides outstanding usability. The wide screen and back-light make it easier to read and allows you to complete tasks effortlessly. The animations within the display support users with illustrated onscreen instructions. With enhanced user assistance, it will help you easily fix problems and accomplish more tasks.

(Functionality varies on MF8080Cw, MF8380Cdw and MF9220Cdn)

Intuitive Scanning

Enjoy stress-free scanning with simple installation and easy operation. Canon’s user friendly scanning offers you an entirely new workflow for your office. Customize your scanning needs and easily start scanning documents by one click of the button. To further eliminate stressful scanning, create a business-friendly PDF using the high compression PDF mode which reduces file size without compromising image quality.


All support the 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet network interface and USB 2.0 as standard features, allowing for seamless integration to allow multiple users to use one device. These devices can be accessed through a web browser(referred as the Remote UI) from any computer on the network, giving you remote document management and control.

(Functionality varies on MF8080Cw, MF8380Cdw, MF9220Cdn, MF4570dw and D1150)

Access all functions wirelessly, along with encryption mode and
easy setup support methods.
(Available on the MF8380Cdw, MF8080Cw and MF4570Dw)

Duplex Versatility

The Auto Duplex Function will allow you to print, copy, fax or color scan from one-sided originals to produce two-sided output with ease, cutting your paper usage as much as half.

(Functionality varies on all but MF8080Cw)

Scan to USB

Increase your document portability by saving scanned documents to a USB removable media. Connect the USB removable media to the USB port located conveniently in the front of the machine. By selecting Scan to memory media from the easy-to-use control panel you can specify resolution and set the color mode.

(Functionality varies on MF9220Cdn, MF8080Cw and MF8380Cdw)

ID Card Copy

This new feature is ideal of a home or office environment to maintain records of your identification cards or other small two-sided documents. In the home, create copies of your driver’s license, insurance cards, and passport on a convenient one-sided document. In the office, easily scan employee’s identification cards, driver’s license, visas, and insurance cards to keep your files organized and efficient. This feature instructs you on how to align your card on the platen glass and when to turn your card over to print onto one page.

(Functionality varies on MF9220Cdn, MF8080Cw, MF8380Cdw and D1150)

Searchable PDF

Searchable PDF creates a PDF file by converting the scanned image to searchable text data. When a document is scanned into a PDF file, the text portion is extracted through OCR. The text in the PDF file can then be searched, allowing you to easily find information located in the PDF file.

(Functionality varies on MF8080Cw and MF8380Cdw)

Auto Fax Forwarding

Through the device’s remote UI, you can set the MF8050Cn or MF8350Cdn to forward some or all of your received fax documents to another fax number. Your gain is enhanced document control; you can ensure your received faxes reach the right hands automatically.

(Available on the MF8080Cw, MF8380Cdw, D1150 and MF9220Cdn only)

Energy Efficient

Reduce your power consumption* with the Efficient Energy Saving Mode.

* Power consumption varies in machines.

Energy Star Qualified

All meet Energy Star guidelines, helping you save money on energy costs.

Generation Green

All are part of Canon’s Generation Green program which highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability.