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We work together under the guiding principles of the San-Ji Spirit

    Ji-hatsu (Self-Motivation): Take the initiative & be proactive.

    Ji-Chi (Self-Management): Conduct yourself responsibly & be accountable.

    Ji-kaku (Self-Awareness): Understand the situation & your role in it.


Talent Development

We take pride in being a global business leader that develops our employees. We offer the following opportunities to help take ownership of your career:

  Classroom & Online Learning

Online, live and virtual instructor-led classes are offered to build skills so you can be successful in your career such as coaching, communicating, and leadership development, plus other opportunities for learning available 24/7 in our learning management system.


New employees are greeted on Day 1 with a partial day orientation session covering the critical pieces of starting a new job.

  Transitional Management

When employees shift from being individual contributors to working in management roles, there is a small window of time for a successful transition. The first 90 days in any new management role is critical. LEADing Canon is our program for this first 90 days.  There are tools, templates and guidelines for navigating your way through your first 90 days in the new role.

  Leadership Institute

The Canon Leadership Institute for top executives focuses on different aspects of being an executive at Canon: You as a Leader, You Leading a Team, and You Leading a Business. At the Director and Manager levels, the program focuses more on the ins and outs of daily operations: managing people, providing feedback and coaching, and executing on corporate strategy.

  Business Resource Group

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) demonstrate the company’s commitment to diversity & inclusion and provide employees with the opportunity to connect with colleagues who share similar interests and backgrounds. Learning opportunities are designed to address the custom needs of each BRG.

Diversity: Many voices. One goal.

When you run a company that produces a range of innovations from cameras to office equipment to healthcare devices, you understand the importance of diversity.  Of course, this doesn’t just apply to the products, but to the people behind them.

We believe that employees from different backgrounds bring different perspectives. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our diversity and inclusiveness at all levels for demographic groups including, but not limited to, women, veterans and people with disabilities.

At Canon, we do more than respect your service. We value it. We know the teamwork, leadership and real-world training that can be gained from a career in the armed forces.

That’s why we’re committed to all that have made sacrifices, including veterans, reserve personnel, and military spouses. Working side-by-side with the integrity and strong work ethic you bring helps to make us all stronger. Your military experience together with our Canon values is a great match.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership

SOAR is an Employee Business Resource Group (BRG) within Canon USA’s overall Diversity & Inclusion strategy and mission. The group partners with other Canon employee resource groups to promote a company workforce that reflects the world in which the Company does business. Established in 2019, the SOAR steering committee includes senior representation from Canon USA’s business divisions and subsidiaries whose interests align with engaging, enabling, and empowering rising professionals in their professional and personal development. 

Strong women = stronger company. Here at Canon, we acknowledge the strength of women as leaders in their families, communities and in the workplace. To support the growth of our women employees in all the facets of their lives, we have sponsored the formation of a Business Resource Group (BRG). Our BRG, Women in Leadership Levels (WiLL) was formed with women employees in mind. Established in 2013, the WiLL steering committee includes senior representation from Canon U.S.A.’s business divisions and subsidiaries/affiliates whose interests align with engaging, enabling, and empowering women in their professional and personal development.

You inspire us. Let us inspire you.


Canon is devoted to engaging those with disabilities both within the company and amongst our customers. Our commitment is evident in our suite of products made to enable individuals with disabilities to use our products. We have an array of products that ease the lives of our customers, including voice-activated devices for the visually impaired, flexibility position controls for those with limited mobility, and much more.


Our commitment to enable doesn’t end with our product offerings. We know that our best innovations and products come from our varied and diverse work population, based on their varied and diverse perspectives. Our team members that are differently abled play a part in many of the complex day-to-day operations of our business and help us grow.

Rewards & Recognition

Canon realizes that keeping its employees involved and feeling connected leads to positive outcomes for both the employee and the company.  We make sure to recognize the importance of building relationships and morale among colleagues, as well as honoring their longevity with the company.

  Spirit Awards

Canon recognizes its employees for going above and beyond their traditional job responsibilities. The Canon Spirit Awards program celebrates the outstanding efforts of employees who make a positive difference for our company, colleagues, and customers. In the past, honorees have enjoyed a trip exploring the many sights of New York City.

  Service Recognition

Employees who celebrate certain milestone anniversaries with Canon are recognized and honored with an invitation to make a gift selection from our Service Awards website. Employees can choose amongst a wide selection of gifts including electronics, houseware, jewelry, and of course Canon products.

  Employee Recognition Program

Canon recognizes that employees are the driver of company success. This on-the-spot recognition platform is designed to award employees when an unusual challenge arises or an extra effort is made, and the employee goes beyond their traditional role to provide a solution. With this points-based reward system, employees have the opportunity to earn recognition points and redeem rewards from a wide selection of gifts.

Our People

Our employees believe in achieving the impossible.

Canon's commitment to core values such as mutual respect, integrity, fairness, and communication keep us focused on continuing our legacy of excellence.

Talent Exchange Program

Early-in-career high-potential employees are given the opportunity to take overseas assignments that are tailored to expand upon their knowledge and experience. Each assignment is carefully crafted to fit the profile of the employee (e.g. work experience, areas of interest, expansion of knowledge base) and offer experiential learning.

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