ChromaLife100+ enhances "album life"* which preserves beautiful photos for a long time by properly just storing them in an archival-quality album. "Up to 300-year album life"* is achieved with the combination of 2008 new Genuine Canon dye inks and "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201". Also, "Up to 100-year album life"* is achieved with select genuine Canon photo paper.
(When properly stored in an archival-quality album with plastic cover sheet and kept in the dark)
*About album life:
Criteria for estimation
The permanence presented above is estimated by using an accelerated dark storage tests (ISO 18924). Samples are kept in a controlled environment of high temperature and 50% relative humidity. The test environment is designed to accelerate color fading. The rate of the decrease in the optical density and the rate of yellow discoloration of the paper are measured. Finally, the results are extrapolated to the length of time when a printed image is kept in an environment of 23°C 50% RH.
Criteria for estimation of print longevity shown above
Estimates for image permanence are made using the Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. endpoint criteria “WIR Visually-Weighted Endpoint Criteria Set v3.0” as follows; Samples are printed with an optical density of 1.0 and 0.6 (each black, cyan, magenta, yellow) by default printer driver setting of each media. The point where monochromatic/ reflective optical density shows loss of 20-35% (figure set respectively for each color, starting density of 1.0 and 0.6). The point where the difference in color balance of yellow, magenta and cyan (each component in composite black) reaches 12-18%.