Canon's first photo paper with a six-layer structure:
the secret to superb quality and luxurious feel

Maintaining the luxurious feel of Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101
with better-than-ever color reproduction: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201

An independent color-reproduction layer

Using inkjet coating technology, an ingenious application of photosensitive materials,
Canon has succeeded in separating ink deposit layers by function.
Where previously only one inkjet coating layer was formed, this technology creates two distinct layers,
the color-reproduction layer and the absorbing layer.

By fixing the dye in the ink (color-reproduction layer)
closer to the surface of the paper,
Canon succeeds in dramatically improving color reproduction.
Color reproduction is vivid and clear straight from the printer,
serving up deep, rich blacks and bright, lively colors.

* Conceptual image

The back coating optimizes the paper for use with printers.

The resin coat gives the paper a stiff,
thick feel.

This is the same resin coat used in silver halide photo paper. The coating gives the paper its pleasingsense of stiffness and thickness.

  Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
Weight 69 lbs
Thickness 10.6 mil