Color reproduction is stabilized faster than ever before.
So you can appreciate the beauty of your photos right away.

Optical density immediately after printing is greater than ever.
See the real colors of your photos, right away.

With ordinary inkjet paper, the quality of the print fresh from the printer is bit unclear, the colors dull. The colors emerge only gradually, so you have to wait several minutes to find out whether the print is faithful to the original image's color, contrast and other features. If your family or friends are waiting for finished prints, or if you're testing corrections to the photos, the wait can seem an eternity.

Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201 is a completely different experience. The optical density (color density) is high immediately after printing, and color reproduction happens fast. In less time than ever, a reproduction of the colors of the original photo is complete. Images are bright and vivid as soon as the print job is finished.

Comparison of black density in Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201 and Photo Paper Plus Glossy PP-101