The stunning photo image quality with alumina and the stiffness and texture of Photo Paper Pro have been inherited.

Comparison of "Photo Paper Pro II [Model number: PR-201]" and "Normally marketed RC-based silica inkjet photo papers"

Material for Ink-receiving layers

"Alumina" has been adopted for ink-receiving layers as with Photo Paper Pro to carry on its reputable "clarity", "perspective", "deep" and "natural" feel. Use of this alumina provides different image quality and gloss, and faster ink absorption compared to normally marketed inkjet photo papers using silica as a coating material. You can make your favorite photos stand out with this paper.

Base paper

Whereas Resin-coat (RC) paper is adopted as a base paper for many inkjet photo papers, "Photo Paper Pro II" uses the same base paper as the previous model "Photo Paper Pro" which is similar to the "baryta" coating paper that was used as the main base paper for the former silver halide photo paper. With this base paper, Canon's paper-based inkjet photo paper continues to have a unique sense of stiffness and texture which cannot be produced with the RC-based inkjet photo paper.

Photo Paper Pro II   Normally marketed
RC-based silica
inkjet photo papers


sectional diagram of PR201


sectional diagram of Silica


Alumina Silica
High gloss Advantages Easy to coat
Ink absorption is fast
Difficult to coat Difficulties Low gloss
Ink absorption is slow