PR201 lineup

Canon's new premium glossy photo paper was redesigned with the features of the reputable Photo Paper Pro [Model number: PR-101].

The reputable solid feeling texture and image reproduction ability for depth and natural feel of Photo Paper Pro [Model number: PR-101] were inherited by Photo Paper Pro II [Model number: PR-201].

Features of each layer

Adoption of alumina
"Alumina" is adopted
on ink-receiving layers as
with Photo Paper Pro.
Features of each layer
"ECF" processed pulp is adopted for the base paper.

*Conceptual image

Photo Paper Pro II
[Model number: PR-201]
Weight 65lbs (US)
Thickness 10.2mil

What is ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free)?

It is a pulp bleaching process using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) instead of using chlorine gas. Generally, it is said that the ECF process hardly emits any chlorinated organic compounds since it does not use chlorine gas.