Similar to Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201),
a six layer paper structure is used to promote color reproduction
"Alumina" which proved quicker ink absorbency
on Photo Paper Pro [PR-101] is adopted in the ink-receiving layers

For professional and advanced amateur photographers
Photo Paper Pro Platinum [PT-101] exceeds Photo Paper Pro [PR-101]
by using original material technology

An independent color-reproduction layer

Alumina is adopted as the main material in the ink-receiving layers.
Furthermore, the ink-receiving layers are separated into two layers by function,
the color-reproduction layer and the absorbing layer.
This assists in quick processing of the solid-liquid separation of solvent
and dye and the fixing of the dye at a higher position.
Color reproduction is dramatically improved.


The resin coat gives the paper a stiff, thick feel.
This is the same resin coat used in silver halide photo paper.
The coating gives the paper its pleasing
sense of stiffness and thickness.

Photo Paper Pro Platinum
Weight 300g/m2 / 80lbs
Thickness 0.30mm / 11.8mil

Chromogenic enhancer

A chromogenic enhancer, which amplifies
subjected light is added into the resin-coat layer.
The contrast between the printed area
and the not-printed area is enhanced,
so the printed area stands out more.
Vivid colors are realized.

The back coating optimizes
the feeding performance of the paper
for use with printers.
* Conceptual image