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Is there a help manual for PosterArtist?

Canon PosterArtist contains a help manual, which provides tutorials, information regarding general and advanced PosterArtist operations, as well as handy functions, and an online FAQ. To open the Manual, on the PosterArtist top menu, select Help > Manual. It can also be accessed by clicking the PosterArtist Manual button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

What is the PosterArtist Quick Guide and how can I access it?

The PosterArtist Quick Guide is a brief set of instructions on how to use PosterArtist in one PDF file.
To open the Quick Guide, on the Windows taskbar,
select Start > Programs > Canon PosterArtist > Quick Guide.

What is the PosterArtist Template Guide and how can I access it?

The PosterArtist Template Guide allows you to view all provided templates, photos, clipart, photo frames, text graphics, and backgrounds in one PDF. To open the Template Guide, on the Windows taskbar,
select Start > Programs > Canon PosterArtist > Template Guide.

Which printers can I use with PosterArtist?

PosterArtist supported printers include Canon imagePROGRAF iPF Series, W8400 and W6400.
The latest version of PosterArtist will also work with Select Oce Large Format Printers, Pixma Photo Printers and imageRUNNER Series Printers, with limited functionality and support.

What operating systems support PosterArtist?

The following operating systems are supported for PosterArtist: 
Microsoft Windows 8 (x32 or x64), English edition
Microsoft Windows 7(x32 or x64), English edition
Windows Vista (x32 or x64), English Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional/Home (x32), English edition

Is there any other recommended hardware in order to run PosterArtist?

Recommended Operating Environment:
Processor: Intel Core2Duo or equivalent, or faster
Memory (RAM): 2 GB or more (1 GB or more recommended for Windows XP)
Recommended HDD Space: 20 GB or more
Display: 1024x768 pixels, 24-bit color or better

I made a mistake on my poster. How can I undo this action?

You can cancel your last action by clicking the Undo button on the Task Bar. You can undo several past actions. In addition you can Redo previously undone actions by clicking the Redo button on the task bar. This will cancel your last Undo.

How can I print without borders?

To print without borders, in the Paper Options task, place a checkmark for Borderless Printing. If the roll paper width is different from the poster width, select Fit Long Side to Roll Width or Fit Short Side to Roll Width. Note that borderless printing is available on specified roll widths and is not available for cut sheets.

How can I specify the paper size of my choice?

The paper size of your choice can be specified in Set Custom Size in the Paper Options setting panel.

How do I use the Variable Printing function?

To use the variable printing function, prepare data in Excel format (.xls) or in CSV format (.csv).
To insert created data, in Step 3: Edit, in the Variable Data panel, select Connect to... and choose the appropriate document.

What is the ambient light setting?

Ambient light color and brightness vary by environment factors such as location (indoors or outdoors) or lighting (fluorescent or incandescent). Therefore the same poster may look different depending on where it is displayed.
The ambient light setting functions allow you to adjust colors automatically according to the environment so that the created poster’s color tone looks appropriate for the lighting arrangement being used for viewing.

What is PosterArtist QuickCopy?

PosterArtist QuickCopy is an application to print enlarged copies of photos and documents acquired from a Canon brand scanner. Simply click the Copy button in PosterArtist QuickCopy to create posters from enlarged copies of originals in your scanner. It’s as easy as printing copies from a copy machine. You can also edit the copied image in PosterArtist to use as part of your poster creation or future posters.

What scanners support PosterArtist QuickCopy?

PosterArtist QuickCopy requires CanoScan or PIXMA MP series equipment.
For details on model names of scanners that support PosterArtist QuickCopy, contact your dealer or Canon’s customer service.

If I replace my computer or hard drive, will I need to authenticate my license again?

When replacing your computer or hard drive, license authentication will be required again.
You must return your license on your old computer/hard drive before you authenticate on your new device.

How do I return my PosterArtist license?

On the Windows taskbar, select Start > Programs > Canon LMS > License Information Management.
Select the Return button.

How do I uninstall PosterArtist?

On the Windows taskbar, select Start > Programs > Canon PosterArtist > Uninstall PosterArtist.
Follow the uninstaller instructions.

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