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Companies are managing more information than ever, often with large volumes of paper flowing through the process. Growing data volumes combined with stubbornly high paper volumes and the proliferation of document channels makes information management highly challenging.

We work closely with you to examine your current business situation and make specific recommendations for improving your document-based processes and automating business applications such as: Digital Mailroom, Employee Onboarding, Customer Support, Procurement, and more.


Content Capture


  • Capture paper and electronic documents from various sources: scanners, MFPs, emails, fax, web, cloud content management tools, etc...
  • Extract key data - Industry leading data extraction technology reduces manual data entry and opportunity for errors. Template-free data extraction provides organizations with the flexibility to capture content from structured and unstructured document types.
  • Intelligent document capture - capability of the system used in our solutions to train itself based on document samples to accurately capture information.


Content Management


Store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically, and securely through-out your organization.

Configurable digital workflows reduce paper handling and help accelerate cycle times.

Create rules to match your organization’s exact business needs and to efficiently process any document type.

Collaborate online with internal and external stakeholders.


Document Security


  • Canon Professional Services team can provide a comprehensive review of your document, device, and communication security as well as find potential risks, and take appropriate measures to reduce risk.

  • Authentication and Confidential Information Protection - implement authentication and related solutions for office equipment to help ensure compliance with security policies.


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