Canon i-line steppers provide high-throughput, accurate overlay and 350nm resolution for a variety of imaging applications ranging from Integrated Circuits, R/W heads, MEMS, Image Sensors to LEDs.
Canon steppers have also been developed to support the demands of Advanced Packaging, Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) and 3D Integration applications.

Details FPA-3030i5+ Stepper

The FPA-3030 platform represents an upgrade to earlier Canon FPA-3000 platform steppers. The FPA-3030i5+ features an overhauled software structure and electrical control system that allow application of optional advanced hardware (e.g., projection lens, wafer stage, and alignment system) that is not compatible with traditional FPA-3000 platform steppers.

Details FPA-5510iV Stepper

FPA-5510iV: Wide-field, i-line stepper with large Depth of Focus supporting Advanced Packaging technology and 3D Integration

Details FPA-5510iZ Stepper

The FPA-5510iZ is a high throughput 4X i-line stepper that delivers a significant CoO advantage when exposing layers down to 280nm and is a perfect mix-and-match partner for 200mm and 300mm DUV scanners

Details FPA-5550iZ Stepper

FPA-5550iZ: High throughput i-line stepper with mix and match capability