Solutions For Manufacturing

Manufacturers are finding that to be competitive and drive new products to market, they must have practices in place that can help limit access their trade secrets and intellectual documents, increase cooperation and collaboration in sharing of information and look for better ways to help reduce waste.Canon offers solutions that can help Manufacturers combine Lean Document Processes with imaging technology to help address these emerging challenges.

Solutions For Manufacturing

Canon Solutions Can Help Improve Document Workflows and Speed Products to Market

The Corporate Office
The Corporate Office
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Product Life Cycle and Development
Plant or Warehouse
Plant or Warehouse

Improve With Lean Document Process

Your company's confidential information and intellectual property are worth protecting.

Trade secrets can comprise as much as 80 percent of the value of a company's knowledge portfolio and for most Manufacturers are critical to their competitiveness. But the truth is that many companies, even large companies, fail to do so properly secure their documents.

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Go Lean with imaging technology and help drive your efficiency

Unmanaged data and documents can damage your bottom line can cause delays in sharing critical information and can impact your overall decision processes. Let Canon help improve your document workflows and standardized practices with automated document workflows that can help boost performance and increase productivity.

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Help Reduce Waste and improve your bottom line.

Having visibility into a process can be the key to controlling and managing costs. By monitoring and managing authorized users, devices and printing activities you can have the ability to enforce printing policies and help reduce printing waste.

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Advanced Solutions for Manufacturing Webinar: Lean Goes Digital - Applying Lean to Data and Information Processes

Organizations trying to improve via Lean often run into a digital wall when processes begin to move faster than the data associated with them. Learn how leading companies drive productivity and profits by applying lean to data and information processes.

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ADVANCED Solutions for MANUFACTURING Webinar: Adapting Through Digital Transformation - Schneider Electric Study

Learn how an in-plant division of a large corporation overcame digital disruption and changed its business model to stay competitive and increase value to its internal customers.

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There's an Information Revolution in Manufacturing

Lean practices and new technologies are reinventing information management and governance.

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