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Before following the steps below, please make sure you have gone through the standard setup process for your new printer, which includes installing your ink cartridges and connecting to the internet


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Step 1: Update to Latest Firmware

• Select Menu from Home Screen, then select Management Settings

Homescreen with menu button highlighted
gray down arrow
Menu menu with system management setting highlighted

• Select Remote UI Settings/Update Firmware

Management settings menu with remote UI settings / update firmware highlighted
gray down arrow

• Select Update Firmware

RUI Set. / Update Firmware menu with update firmware highlighted

• Select Via Internet
• Install firmware update (if applicable)
• You will see a notification confirming that your firmware version is latest available
• If firmware update is needed, turn off printer once completed
• Turn printer on by pressing the Power Button


Note: This step is necessary for online enrollment

Step 2: How to Retrieve Serial Number, Check Digits / Verification Code

• Select Menu from Home Screen, then select Toner Delivery Settings

gray down arrow

• Select Register for Toner Replenishment

alt text

• Select OK button to print serial number and check digits / verification code

gray down arrow

• Select <Close> to continue or <Close> to stop printing

alt text

Step 3: Activate Auto Replenishment Service

• Follow on-screen instructions, if prompted. If a prompt does not appear, follow the instructions below.

• Select Toner Delivery Set from the Home Screen

Homescreen with Toner Delivery Settings button highlighted
gray down arrow

• Select Toner Delivery Settings

Toner delivery set menu with toner delivery settings highlighted

• Select Activate to begin setup

Toner delivery setting activation menu with "activate" highlighted
gray down arrow

• Select OK button after reading first confirmation screen

First confirmation screen

• Select OK button to accept and continue setup

Toner delivery setting agreement screen

Step 4: Final Validation Steps

Next, you should see the following validation screen
• Select OK button

successful connection screen

• If an error message occurs, follow on-screen instructions
• Check server connection status by selecting
Server Connection Status

toner delivery setting menu with server connection status highlighted
gray down arrow

You should see the following Successful screen

successful connection with server screen
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