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Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines

Criteria for donation requests:

In the spirit of our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, Canon seeks to be a truly excellent global corporation. We strive to work with local communities and to demonstrate our respect for the environment as we contribute to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of its people.

The following are Canon U.S.A.’s Donation Program criteria for requests:

  • All requests must be submitted electronically.
    Click here to access the Donation Request Form
  • Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status (nonprofit status under the federal tax law).
  • Must be in good standing with publically available charity watchdog sites.
  • Requests must fall in one of the following categories: Environment, Youth Support, or Local Community. “Local” means those communities located near Canon’s headquarters or Canon’s current regional offices.
  • Recipients of Canon U.S.A., Inc. charitable donations must return written documentation of the donation via a Tax Acknowledgement of Donation Under Internal Revenue Code Section 170(F)(8) form provided by Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Canon is focused on empowering youth and helping to support the environment. For this reason, we ask that you understand that other types of requests, such as those listed below, unfortunately may not be considered at this time.

  • Individual needs
  • Private foundations
  • Merchandise for events, promotions, partnerships or advertising
  • Financial aid
  • Fundraising activities such as galas, benefits, dinners or sporting events
  • Goodwill advertising, souvenir journals or dinner programs
  • Activities of religious or fraternal organizations or political causes
  • Research studies
  • Athletic teams, events or sponsorships
  • Special events, celebrations, parades, festivals, pageants or raffles

If you have any additional questions or technical difficulties, please e-mail: CSRDonations@cusa.canon.com

Donation requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis. You will be contacted if your request meets our CSR guidelines and if we would like to receive more details. All decisions with respect to donation requests are at the sole discretion of Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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