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Editing with Final Cut Pro with Bryan Tanori


Editing with Final Cut Pro with Bryan Tanori

Presented By: Brian Tanori



Navigating through multiple editing systems and choosing the best system for your post-production needs can be a daunting task. Every production is a unique entity built off of the creative design of ones team and inevitably the client. Utilizing the right tools for each production not only allows one to focus on the creative aspects of the job, but it is essential in getting the job done on time and within budget. 


With 20 years professional experience as a Producer, Editor, Colorist, and Director of Photography, please join Certified Apple Trainer Bryan Tanori as he guides you through the magnetic timeline and shows you how to effectively use your tools in essence making Final Cut Pro an effective and viable solution for your editing program to accompany your Canon cameras. Through his experience from working on documentaries to corporate productions, Bryan will show you how to get the most from your Canon footage and accelerate any processes that once seemed unattainable in Final Cut Pro.


Areas of focus will include:

  • Introduction to Professional Final Cut Pro editing techniques used in a working professionals repertoire 
  • Disabling connections, position, select, and trim tool functionalities
  • Understanding roles and using metadata to build your edits 
  • Differentiations of containers and working with “lanes”
  • Building off your workflow and using the program to enable you create and try different edits
  • Understanding and working with Canon formats and multiple codecs (RAW, ProRes, XF-AVC) in Final Cut Pro
  • Choosing and working with multiple aspect ratios (1080-4K) 
  • Professional real world post-production tips in working with Canon equipment
  • Building multiple versions, working with duplicates, and compound clips
  • Working with multicam footage
  • Introduction to working with audio
  • Understanding your workflow and knowing where to find your footage to insert, connect, append, and overwrite your footage
  • Clarification of post-production terminology used within Final Cut Pro


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Date & Time
October 17, 2018 -October 17, 2018
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
3400 W. Olive Ave
Burbank, California 91505
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