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5 skills EVERY Wedding Photographer needs to know! With Tauran Woo

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5 skills EVERY Wedding Photographer needs to know! With Tauran Woo

Presented By: Tauran Woo



Anyone who has given wedding photography a try quickly understands that you need a certain expertise in several genres of photography, as well and patience, endurance and flexibility!  Weddings can be a real challenge considering there are a limitless combination of possible scenarios you might encounter throughout the day, including lighting and location challenges, expectations vs reality, time management and managing stress, etc.  In just about every wedding, we practice photojournalism, portraiture, family photography, and commercial photography - let me share with you some of the things that I've found to work in any situation!

We'll discuss the essential skills needed to tackle any wedding, big or small and help you navigate through the wedding day.  You'll also find out all of my shortcuts, hacks, and tricks that took me years to discover, and how to get amazing images of each of the most essential moments, and be able to present your clients with images that are beautiful, meaningful, masterful, and authentic.  I guarantee you'll come away with valuable knowledge to help you on your photography journey!


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October 18, 2018 -October 18, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
123 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, California 92626
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